Heights Art Glass is devoted to creating uniquely handcrafted glass art work that complements any home or office décor. 

Our stained glass panels use our own original designs and are constructed using the copper foil and/or the lead came technique. Ranging from organic to geometric our designs focus on the flow of lines and color and often include plating or layering glass to achieve additional depth, texturing or color.

Whether it’s a whimsical smile, geometric shapes, or woven glass our  fusing work  intends to show off the various ways glass reacts to heat. While that reaction is predictable to a point, our goal is to take advantage of the serendipity that comes with trying new combinations of glass and techniques to obtain truly unusual results.

We are also happy to take on commissions to create that special object that is just right for you. If you have an idea you need help with to bring to fruition, we can help with design as well as creating that special something. Or if you are inspired by something you see in our gallery but need a different size or color palette, please contact us.