I've been taken with pattern bars over the last few weeks and am finding that it is a great way to add a flourish of color to a larger work. The bars are made by fusing multiple pieces of glass into essentially a glass brick. The individual pieces of glass can be completely random or placed in some type of design of their own.

Here are the latest two all set to be fired.The one on the left is strips of equal length arranged in a pattern -- see the side profile. The one on the right is just broken pieces of glass of various sizes and colors. It turns out that pattern bars are a great way to use up some of that scrap glass.

BarsReadytoFire Side Profile



After firing, the bars look like this. Both bars are 145mm x 50mm x 27mm.

FiredBars  FiredBarProfile 

The next step is to the slice the bars into 10mm strips with a wet saw and decide how to lay them out to incorporate as a design element in another work..


I've already incorporated the random colors bar into a new work. Can you see the pattern bar slices in it?

Image 1