Designing a Panel

Three Tulips Pattern It all starts with a client’s idea. This Three Tulip panel is designed to fit into an octagonal window and will be lighted from behind. Our designs often start as rough sketches and then are reviewed for colors and size and then finalized with the client. 



Selecting the Color Palette


Once we’ve settled on the design the next step is to colorize it and begin selecting the specific glass. The tulips will be yellow, the leaves green, with a darker green for the shadows, and darker still for the stems. For the basket will have a weave effect so dark brown will be mixed with a lighter cream color. The sky is blue with some white streaks. That creates our color palette


 Building the Panel

WovenBasketLike anything else stained glass panels are built a piece at a time. This design calls for 60 pieces. Each one is carefully chosen from specific areas of the sheet glass according to color variation, grain and or texture in the glass. The piece is then cut, shaped to fit as need with a grinder or other diamond tools, and then wrapper in copper foil. I tend to do this for small sections at a time to ensure a proper fit. Here, the pieces for the woven basket have been laid out on the glass sheets and then fitted into the design:

Construction continues incrementally until all the pieces in the design fit together properly. 

 Build Increments

Completing Construction

FramingOnce we are satisfied with the fit of all the pieces they are joined by soldering along the copper foil lines. A frame of zinc came is then added and optionally, a patina is applied to give the panel an aged look.



The Final Product!

Final Panel