Robbie MacIver

Robbie MacIver - Technical Merit AwardAfter many years of working in software development groups, I formed my own consulting company in 2005. Through the application of lean/agile values and practices, I have helped organizations focus on product-based strategies that identify work of true business value and then leverage frequent feedback and continuous improvement to deliver solutions to capture that value. A key success factor has been coaching leadership to form durable, self-organizing teams that learn together to become high-performance teams possessing a sense of shared commitment and accountability for the outcomes they create. 

In 2014 I began a new journey into the world of glass art at the urging of friends and loved ones. This new interest continues to grow as I transition to retirement and has sparked Heights Art Glass to create and sell unique work in both stained glass and kiln-formed glass. 

Having a vision, refining it into an achievable result, and continuously adapting to accomplish it has driven much of my professional career. As I hone my craft as a glass artist I find that this same pattern very much applies. Working with stained glass draws my focus to the flow of lines and color, to layering glass to achieve depth and shading, and with each new work to reaching for something new. My recent entry into the world of kiln formed glass is pushing constant discovery of how glass reacts to heatwork, opening new possibilities in creating unique work. Throughout this journey, I am learning to appreciate the ever-present touch of serendipity that brings to life the unexpected.



Ron Page

After working as a legal assistant for many years, I retired in March of 2018. With the encouragement of a friend and neighbor I started working with stained glass several years ago and continue to create stained glass panels for friends and family. I am drawn to mostly organic patterns for my panels and focus on the use of color and texture when selecting glass to incorporate into my work.

More recently I have begun working with glass fusing and I am experimenting with new techniques in kiln-formed glass. I frequently delve into the unknown trying something new just to see how it turns out.

Heights Art Glass is an opportunity to share this work more broadly in the art glass community.